译文: 工作在第一线,艺术家往往很难跟上行业的最新变化。作为的一部分我们要致力于提供核心训练中的视觉效果,我们构建了一门课程将介绍一些最新的视觉效果工具和技术,使艺术家使用最日期软件功能在即将到来的 Nuke v7、 玛雅 2013年和渲染的最新作物。超越的手册和预罐头的演示,研究如何利用新的工具和技术实际工作。尼兰塔尔和马特莱纳德正联手创建功能使用实际的例子和一些复杂的项目来演示如何使所有应用程序、 格式和工具一起工作全面概述。本课程的特色将这两个故障的技术先进的工具和项目基础的类中,他们将解释如何使用这些复杂的工具,生产质量工作。良好的工作知识的玛雅和核弹为人希望得到最大的此类至关重要。尼兰塔尔,是组合器和自 1999 年以来一直从事视觉效果的教练。在这时间他曾在游戏中,播放设计、 电视广告、 专题片和训练在澳大利亚、 伦敦、 纽约、 孟买和上海的艺术家。塔尔是数码基础教授之一,也是原铸造 Nuke 大师的创造者之一。他返回到数码三年后在伦敦与团队合作在双重否定的视觉效果。伦纳德一直在 3D 和视觉特效工业 19 年,已制作专题片、 广告和大型企业项目工作。他曾在各种场合和显示代表欧特克、 铸造和监视着软件并已文章发表在杂志和期刊。他曾作为 beta 版测试人员为玛雅人、 马里、 Mudbox,核弹和融合。他目前经营着自己的现场培训公司在英国,已培训艺术家从双重否定、 鬼特效,梦工厂动画和 Framestore 等公司。 原文:  Working in the trenches, artists often find it difficult to keep up with the latest changes in the industry. As part of our on going commitment to provide Core training in visual effects, we have constructed a course which will highlight some of the latest visual effects tools and techniques, enabling artists to use the most up to date software features in both the upcoming Nuke v7, Maya 2013 and the latest crop of renderers. Go beyond the manuals and pre-canned demos to examine how new tools and technology actually work. Tahl Niran and Matt Leonard are joining forces to create a comprehensive overview of features using practical examples and some complex projects to demonstrate how to make all the applications, formats and tools work together. This course will feature both breakdowns of the technology of advanced tools AND project based classes in which they will explain how to use these complex tool to produce quality work . A good working knowledge of both Maya and Nuke is essential for people wishing to get the most out of this class. Tahl Niran, is a compositor and trainer who has been working in visual effects since 1999. In that time he has worked in games, broadcast design, tv commercials and feature films and trained artists in Australia, London, New York, Mumbai and Shanghai. Tahl was one of the foundation professors at FXPHD and also one of the creators of the original Foundry Nuke Masterclasses. He returns to FXPHD after three years in London working with the team at Double Negative Visual Effects. Leonard has been in the 3D and visual effects industry for 19 years and has produced work for feature films, commercials and large corporate projects. He has spoken at various events and shows on behalf of Autodesk, The Foundry and eyeon Software and has had articles published in magazines and journals. He has worked as a beta tester for Maya, Mari, Mudbox, Nuke and Fusion. He currently runs his own on-site training company in the UK and has trained artists from companies such as Double Negative, Ghost VFX, Dreamworks Animation and Framestore.

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