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译文: 耳朵是那些对人体模型的外观是非常重要的事情之一。但这些重要零件的头部有时掩盖我们匆忙中把工作上是重要的或有趣,或冷却模型的各个部分。我们有些人也可能会回避创造现实的耳朵,因为他们避风港 ' t 花时间来审查在戏剧在此课程中我们将复习那些基地耳结构-结构元素使耳朵看起来像一只耳朵。我们 ' ll 然后盖在 ZBrush 中一些快速简便方式来阻挡这些结构,使用 DynaMesh 并插入管得到很好定义的外观。我们 ' ll 学会 remesh 耳朵,然后使用各种雕刻刷完耳朵。最后,你 ' ll 有更好地了解结构的耳朵和你 ' 会更方便地创建和雕刻你的人物的耳朵。 原文: Ears are one of those things that are very important to the look of a human model. But these vital parts of the head can sometimes be glossed over in our haste to work on the important, or interesting, or cool parts of the model. Some of us may also shy away from creating realistic ears because they haven't taken the time to examine the structures in play In this course we will go over those base ear structures- the elements that make the ear look like an ear. We'll then cover some quick and easy ways in ZBrush to block out those structures, using DynaMesh and inserting tubes to get a really well defined look. We'll learn to remesh the ear and then use a variety of sculpting brushes to finish out the ear. In the end, you'll have a much better understanding of the structure of the ear and you'll be much more comfortable creating and sculpting ears for your human characters.

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